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Your new product is being engineered. The issue of location needs to be discussed, the investment budget to be approved and a production concept is required...


Existing assembly line, but new production requirements? Different component parts? Higher demands on flexibility? Essential increase of availability?


Lean Production, TPM, Kaizen, value stream analysis... - buzzwords and crucial principles for designing modern production systems. More than just veneer? And what about cost-benefit ratio? Can it be both realised and turned into profit? And if so, how?

These are typical questions and situations in which Plan B supports you. The line of sight is always from center outwards: our approach to process engineering is naturally based on your product, interdependent with your technical staff and the development department. The successful pursue of this strategy requires consolidated technical knowledge and a quick orientation in your product´s features. That´s our job.

Our planning "outward facing" is a good match with our consulting services approaching from an external observation. For facility layout planning combined with our technology consulting you can also count on our networking co-operation partners.

Planning production lines
Outward facing: Acting from the product´s point of view. The order of process, production engineering, layout, logistics but also calulation of costs are important steps forward.  

Inward facing: Tackling the same process from a different angle. Economic specifications, issue of location, budget allowances and integration into plant are crucial viewpoints.
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