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During the last years planning efficient manual workstations has turned out to be one of our key points. After some years ago the focus was only on cycle-time calculation of complex automatic assembly facilities, today a harmonic and optimised line-balancing of manual workflow is of the same significance.

For getting our planning started our standardised and well-tried time modules have proved as successful. Thus we are able to to get a rather detailed survey within a very short time. During the following course of planning we develop MTM-analyses according to the customer´s specifications. Generally there is a straight co-ordination with customer-provided labour time management. Correspondingly you get results that can be applied immediately.

Our team of MTM-experts operates both embedded into our planning projects or on-site as an independent service provider 
Optimising existing facilities, change of cycle times or launching new product variants are the tasks we cope with.
Facts about MTM
For many industry sectors and companies MTM (Methods Time Measurement) is the most common method to determine guidelines for labour time. Simply said: "The method determines the time."

Selected time standards are required to execute a particular task. Our professional MTM-staff will provide an interpretation of your workplace operation.
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