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Producing exactly what you need, quick-reacting, in best quality, without waste and low in stock - that is our main goal in Lean Production projects.

We provide full support:
  • Process analysis and value flow mapping on-site
  • Lean Production workshops in theory and practice
  • Workplace layout with cardboard engineering
  • Plant configuration with low tech automation: U-shaped assembly lines, Kanban systems, assembly trolleys, pusher trolleys...
Realising your project extends from planning and construction through to installation, start-up and training of your assembly staff. Quality problems and rework are reduced drastically, stock decreases, throughput time is reduced... and all this while productivity rises consideraby!
An increase in efficiency of no less than 30% is verifiable.
One-piece flow assembly line

Due to many years of experience in assembly technology and on the basis of our creative approaches and innovative concepts, Plan B was chosen as partner for this project as early as the bid phase!
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